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The title doesn’t give you any clues, so there’s only one way to find out what Favour Farm is all about, and that’s to come and pay a visit. Favour Farm was founded in 2012, but is already shaping up to be an interesting news blog.

‘Random’ is the buzz word here, so you can expect stories on media moguls and social networking to sit alongside the

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Lawyers walk out in Legal Aid protest

Earlier today, lawyers walked out in protest of the cuts to legal aid fees with several trials and criminal hearings being delayed. Barristers in their wigs and gowns stood outside Southwark, Old Bailey and Snaresbrook Crown courts as well as many courts outside the country as they refused to work until 2pm.

Chris Grayling, the Justice secretary imposed the cuts in order to save £220 million. Those who

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Ladbrokes did not have fun in the sun

The UK’s second largest betting shop has been having weather problems, amongst other challenges, but Ladbrokes is set to overcome all obstacles in the next year or so, according to chief executive Richard Glenn.

Back in April the drop in profits over the winter was blamed at least in part on rough weather resulting in the cancellation of more than 60 horse races and lack of expected

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NHS cracking down again on smokers

The continued concern over smoking-related deaths has caused the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to advise NHS hospitals nationwide that they need to ensure that hospitals are smoking-free areas. In addition, medical staff are also to be told to not help patients who have a desire to smoke.

It was strongly suggested that a stop smoking service should promote the cessation of smoking policy at

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Heart attacks are no laughing matter

“As serious as a heart attack” is a phrase sometimes used lightly, in answer to the casual question, “Are you serious?” about the importance of a statement made or intention expressed. It certainly does get one’s attention, because most people identify heart attacks with death or near-death, and they’re not far wrong.

Heart attacks are still the biggest killer of adults in the UK, responsible for about

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New info revealed about the deaths of Diana and Dodi

New information regarding the 1997 deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed is being assessed by the Metropolitan Police. The information is being reviewed by Scotland Yard in an effort to ascertain its reliability and relevance. The investigation service said that it was not re-investigating the death of the couple, which occurred in a car crash in Paris on August 31st 1997.

In 2008, an inquest

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One day a week meat free could help reduce damage to global climate

At Dr Mark Post’s laboratory at Maastricht University, scientists made their final touches for a fete, over the weekend, to change people’s affection towards food. The world’s most expensive burger will be made by Dr Post on Monday, using meat that was grown in the lab.

After taking a biopsy from a cow, the team had used stem cells to grow 20,000 muscle fibers in just 3

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Spanish foreign minister indicates Gibraltar take over

On Saturday night, comments made by the Spanish foreign minister caused concern at the Foreign Office, since they seemed to indicate that Madrid was upping their fight over Gibraltar.


José García-Margallo, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC has castigated the conciliatory approach taken by the previous government over the Mediterranean outpost and is quoted as saying that the party was over.


Every vehicle should be charged

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US intelligence services team up with Microsoft

The US Intelligence services have collaborated with Microsoft so that users communication will be intercepted, thereby helping the National Security Agency to circumvent the encryption of the company. Edward Snowden provided a file illustrating the scale of cooperation between the intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley for the past three years.

Furthermore, they also give hope on the workings of the top secret Prism programme. This information was

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Shot youngster delivers an address to the UN

Malala Yousufzai will be celebrating her 16th birthday by simply delivering a public address at the United Nations. She is the Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by Taliban because of advocating girl’s education. That very incident has drawn global attention. Because of her inspiring story, she is being honoured at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

In honour of her bravery, UN

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Babies overdosing on salt from everyday food items

Processed foods like canned food, as well as bread and cow’s milk all contribute to a current widespread salt problem, particularly among 8-month old babies. A report published in July by Bristol University revealed 70% of a studied 1,200 babies have a higher intake of salt than the maximum recommended amount. This high intake could have serious consequences in later life.

Researchers say having babies on a

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